The CC Cancer Foundation is proud to be supporting, a website launched in December 2018 to help raise €500,000 in funds for Terry Farrugia, one of Malta’s leading radio DJs.

The foundation was launched in 2013 by the financial services company Calamatta Cuschieri with the aim of raising awareness on the different types of cancer as well as promoting cancer prevention, whilst helping organisations and individuals in the fight against this disease.

The CC Cancer Foundation has joined many other companies and individuals in helping raise funds for by donating €2,500 from its funds to this cause.

The foundation augurs that besides helping Terry and his family, the funds will help increase more awareness on the different types of cancer as well as their prevention and cure.

Terry Farrugia is known for having trained many known local presenters, supported local bands and artists, and also having been repeatedly invited to speak and deliver presentations at international broadcasting conferences in various cities throughout Europe.

The CC Cancer Foundation encourages individuals, groups, companies and organisations to donate towards this cause. For more information click here.