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Moneybase is a powerful platform for all things finance, offering sending and receiving SEPA payments using your own IBAN, instant payments, physical and virtual cards, as well as access to a wide spectrum of assets such as Bonds, Shares, ETFs and Funds all under the same ecosystem.

We have been present in the global markets since 1971. Our seasoned professionals assist you to build an investment portfolio whilst you also benefit from our payments ecosystem truly providing a complete solution for managing your finances.

Why choose us

A wealth of benefits

Manage your finances anywhere you go.


  1. Open an account in minutes

    We've put an end to lengthy, complicated and outdated processes! With fast sign-up right from your phone, you can get started in minutes.

  2. Deposit on your account easily

    Deposit to your account easily! Add funds via card deposit, send a SEPA transfer to your Moneybase IBAN, or receive your salary on your account. You can also use your balance in your investment account for payments.

  3. Send and receive payments in the blink of an eye

    Send money to friends or pay a school bill easily. Receive money or even your salary on your Moneybase account.

  4. Hello Mastercard

    Create your virtual card the minute you open an account and order your physical card to enjoy contactless payments and cash withdrawals from cash machines worldwide.

  5. Card security you can control

    Thanks to our safety features, you can freeze and unfreeze your card or customise transaction permissions such as switching on or off ATM withdrawals, as well as swipe and contactless payments.


Connected Globally

We connect you to the best networks globally

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Even More Benefits

Real-Time Notifications

Get real-time notifications the minute you pay so that you can instantly know where your every cent goes and with full view of past transactions, you can manage your spending easily.


Extended Market Hours

Gain an extra 9.5 hours in extended trading on US markets for more investment opportunities.



Our plans come with even more benefits such as metal cards, insurance, airport lounges, better rates and more.



Win fantastic prizes when paying with your Moneybase Mastercard!

Retail transactions carried out with your card earn you tickets in our Moneybase Rewards scheme.

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Payments with Calamatta Cuschieri

For more information contact one of our advisors today or open an online account with Moneybase.

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