We select the best performing funds based on our Fund Selection Model.

This scientific based analytical model identifies the best performing managed funds over a 5 year investment horizon using numerous market data inputs.

Traditional selection models typically function by simply using pass / fail tests. Funds meeting all the imposed criteria are moved forward for further evaluation whereas those that fail are removed from consideration. Whilst relatively easy to apply, such a screening process does not typically provide comprehensive, actionable results. Rather than comparing fund performance and other relevant parameters, such exercise simply produces an unordered list of survivors.

The Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Selection Model (CCFSM) is a factor model offering superior analysis. Like traditional screening, it starts off with the selection criteria for evaluation (the “factors”), but then moves on to weight those factors based on their relative importance. The various funds each receive a single score based on the sum of their performance on all the weighted factors with the end result being a rank ordering with funds that have the highest scores rising to the top. Such a methodology ensures that these funds do not simply meet a minimal standard but that they also have the highest combination of all selected weighted factors.

The final stage in CCFSM is the due diligence process whereby all documentation and legal material is reviewed for each fund to ensure adherence with the relevant criteria and equally important to validate the ranking attributed to each fund. The Investment Manager of each fund is also subjected to a due diligence process of its own.