Monthly Investment Plan

Looking to contribute to your children’s future education? Saving for retirement? Perhaps you are looking to buy that luxury car or embark on that dream holiday. Whatever your goals, making regular deposits and seeing your money grow can help motivate you to save.  A reliable and tax efficient way of compounding interest over time, with our Monthly Investment Plan you have the flexibility to choose how much you want to invest each month, whilst targetting capital growth.     
Enjoy a savings plan and save from as low as €50 per month.

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Savings Calculator

Have a go. Get some fast answers about your savings with this easy savings calculator.
Savings Plan Calculator

Goal Planner

Have a go. Get some fast answers about your savings with this goal planner.
Goal Planner

Budget Planner

Download an excel sheet template that really helps you get a better understanding of your finances. Find out how much you can realistically save per month as well as identify how you are spending your earnings.
Budget Planner

Saving Tips

How to Save

Have a look at our tried and tested methods that will help you save.

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Planning & Budgeting

The first step in budgeting is to write down all the income you receive followed by a checklist of your expenses.

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Goal Setting

Whatever your goal is, it’s important to keep it firmly in your mind.

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Ways to save money

Have a look at our 7 top tips to save money.

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