A few tips to keep your investment portfolio optimised.

The world of investments is always changing. Here are a few tips to keep your investment portfolio optimised.

  • Set up regular meetings with an independent investment advisor
  • Review your income from investments and when you are receiving income, fine tune the months to suit your expenses if possible.
  • Review any annual charges and compare investment providers from time to time.

Bank Accounts

There are differences between bank accounts, it is important choose the right bank for you.

  • What fees and charges are you paying? Compare that with what else is on the market. 
  • Work out ways to reduce fees or get rid of them completely. Some banks waive fees in certain circumstances. 
  • Check out the interest rates and how often interest is paid – is it compounding?
  • If your bank owns an ATM network and you withdraw cash at an ATM that your bank doesn’t own or is an overseas ATM, you may be charged for this withdrawal.
  • Dishonour fee – The fee you pay when the balance in your account goes below €0.00. Example: Your TV provider debits €100.00 for your monthly bill but you only have €50 in your account at the time. In this case you will be charged by your bank.


Are you getting the best from your home loan?

It’s worth doing a check on your current home loan to see what else is in the market. Things that you might like to consider are:

  • Do you have a fixed or variable interest rate? Is this still the right type of loan for your lifestyle?
  • Are you getting a good interest rate? Compare with other bank’s interest rates.
  • What features and benefits does your loan offer? Do you use them or are you paying a higher interest rate to get benefits you don’t use?
  • Are you being charged unnecessary monthly or annual service fees?
  • Can you make additional lump sum repayments and have the flexibility to access these funds when you need them at no cost?


Take a look at the multitude of insurance policies you hold.

You can make some significant savings with just a few small changes to your home, car, life insurance.

Remember to check the policy benefits – not all insurance policies are the same.

  • See what savings you can get on your insurance premiums by varying your excess levels – the bigger the excess, the bigger the savings.
  • When you buy online, you usually receive a discount on your premium.
  • Consider using an insurance broker who can shop around and get you the best deal on the market.
  • Ensure that your car is insured at market value and be sure to ASK the insurance to confirm this before renewal.

TV / Phone / Internet service providers

Like a lot of people, you may have a landline, mobile, broadband internet.

You may have a land line, mobile, internet connection and TV subscription.

  • Look at your current plan and usage patterns. Is there a better deal?
  • If your contract expired is the same company offering better rates to new customers but has left your account on the old terms?
  • Check out your usage costs and if you’re on a plan, see if you can reduce costs for not using the full amount each month
  • Look at bundling the services with a provider – it can often save you money (and the hassle of multiple bills from different providers)

Credit Cards

Credit cards are a way of life for most of us which may cost us money for the convenience.

But, if you look around, there are some credit cards that can work better for you.

  • Compare the features and costs of your credit card with others in the market. 
  • Consider the various options, including the higher fee options for an interest-free period. 
  • Are you using your card effectively? Could you pay it off at the end of each month?
  • Is there a more economical card that’s better suited to you? 
  • Is there a better interest rate if you go past the interest free time frame?


Cars can be an essential part of everyday life, but they can also be a costly weekly expense.

  • With high petrol prices and rising environmental concerns, when you are buying your next car, it may be time to switch to a more cost-effective and/or ‘greener’ car.
  • Make sure you get your car serviced regularly. This can help to keep it running more efficiently and safely.