There are many reasons why a business may require cash, in the form of a loan. Are all your business loans covered by the appropriate life insurance cover?

Whether it is to finance the cost of new equipment, purchase new premises, meet product development costs or recruit a new sales team, businesses often borrow money to help them grow and develop.  

However, as businesses are exposed to the risk of outstanding loans, they must consider not only how to meet ongoing repayments but also how to finance full repayment if finance has come from a key individual who passes away or is critically ill.  

Setting up a business loan protection can help avoid any potential adverse effects on your business’ ability to survive and grow due to unpaid loans.

What are the benefits of the Business Loan Protection?

  • The Plan allows businesses to put in place an appropriate solution that will provide funds to repay any borrowings. 
  •  It can provide a cash sum that could be used to repay a loan on the death of a specific employee.  
  • The Business Loan Protection is offered for the length of time that you choose, affording you total flexibility.