Calamatta Cuschieri Group take their employees well being seriously. Besides offering discounted gym memberships at Scram gym, housed within Ewropa Business Centre, fresh fruit in the office areas, regular countryside treks are organised. The meet ups allow us to meet socially whilst enjoying the outdoors despite the present restrictions. Different trails have been enjoyed this year so far, Majjistral Nature Park, Delimara, T’ Lippja and l-Rdum L-imdawwar.  

We all know the benefits of exercise, but by trekking we are improving a host of other things. We are building stronger muscles and bones; improving our sense of balance; improving our heart health; decreasing our risk of certain respiratory problems. By choosing coastal walks we are taking benefiting of clean sea air; sunshine, which has over centuries proven to have a positive and significant impact on our wellbeing; improved sleep; improved creativity as well as reduced stress levels. Most important of all, by spending time outdoors we can improve mental health and boost our mood. Studies have shown that through trekking, with the need for you to concentrate on your step, be aware of your surroundings and navigating the path, the part of your brain that aids memory works harder making it sharper in the long run, when compared to other forms of exercise.  

 It can also improve the strength of our work relationships! It gives us the opportunity to connect with our colleagues in a setting free of other distractions.  

The concept of plogging has also been introducing to these walks, to ensure we do our bit for the environment.