InstrumentPreference Shares
ListingOfficial List
Issue Date18/06/2020 

Issuer Profile

RS2 Software p.l.c. (RS2) develops, installs, implements and markets its computer software with the trademark BankWORKS, while through its subsidiaries, RS2 also acts as a service provider of BankWORKS Processing Solutions.  
Designed around an open framework, the company allows a personalised payment solution to suit business’ unique needs, offering end-to-end full solutions across all channels from mobile and e-commerce to cardholder, including EMV payment methods and ATM, while it abides with the highest industry standards and latest practices of data encryption and data masking.  
More recently, the company has also established its own ‘Acquiring’ business line by making use of a financial institution licence which has been obtained through BaFin, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The company’s secure payments services, payment software and managed services are offered to over 130 clients in more than 35 countries, with clients including banks, processors and payments service providers. 

Issuer Need

RS2 sought to raise capital to enable it to embark onto its business expansion and to execute its transformation plan, while increasing the Group’s brand awareness and cement its reputation further. 

In addition, the company aimed to boost its product capability and service offering, as well as invest further in its own acquiring business, both in Europe and abroad. 


The net proceeds from the Preference Shares offer, helped support the company’s growth plans, in addition to: 

  • Ramp up and strengthen operations in Europe and North America, as well as extend its reach to APAC (Asia-Pacific) and LATAM (Latin America). 
  • Invest in organisational and regional expansion by scaling up sales, marketing and market communication. 
  • Invest further in its own acquiring business initially in Europe and the US and subsequently globally. 
  • Develop and execute its technology roadmap to enhance product capability and service offering. 
  • Repay short-term bank facilities.