InstrumentSecured Bonds
ListingOfficial List
Issue Date19/11/2021

Issuer profile

The Issuer is a holding and finance company whose purpose is to raise capital for the Group. Dino Fino Operations Limited, which serves as the main operating company in the Group, is primarily engaged in the Maltese furniture market and specialises in kitchens and home furniture, as well as contract furniture solutions. In effect, it provides corporate clients with bespoke design, curation, supply, delivery, installation and project management solutions in relation to contract furniture projects for commercial installation, primarily in the hospitality industry, as well as for offices and retail stores. In addition, it works hand-in-hand with various brands, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, in order to procure, supply and deliver products that follow the latest consumer trends.

Issuer need

Operating in a highly competitive industry, already saturated with a vast array of market participants such as local furniture manufacturers, distributors, agents, online retailers, as well as homeware and department stores, Dino Fino Finance p.l.c. required financing to expand the Group’s operations and invest further in its own acquiring business, so that it could carry on supplying a range of products that are attractive, competitive and cost-efficient, further cementing its reputation in the local market.


Dino Fino Finance p.l.c. approached Calamatta Cuschieri in order to establish the best possible funding options that will aid the Group meet its objectives. The €7,800,000 Bond Issue was used to finance the acquisition of the Group’s showroom and conduct finishing works to the property, as well as to refinance its bank debt.