Premier Capital p.l.c. has been informed by its ultimate shareholder, Hili Ventures Limited, that PTL Holdings p.l.c., a member of the Hili Ventures Group and sister company of Premier Capital p.l.c., has submitted an application to the Listing Authority of the Malta Financial Services Authority to authorise the admissibility to listing of a New Bond Issue.

In this respect and subject to regulatory approval, holders of the 6.8% Premier Capital p.l.c. bonds 2017-2020 included on the bond register at the Central Securities Depository as at the close of business on Monday 3 November 2014 (the "Cut-Off Date") will be given preference over the general public to subscribe to the New Bonds up to an aggregate amount of €5 million. For any avoidance of doubt, the bond register as at the Cut-Off Date will include trades undertaken up to and including Thursday 30 October 2014.