Hili Properties Plc has announced the issue of € 37 million in unsecured bonds maturing in 2025 and carrying an annual coupon of 4.5%. The Company has also announced its intention to offer preferential allocation of the newly issued bonds to Preferred Applicants and existing Bondholders of Hili Venture Group as follows:

? €1 million to Preferred Applicants of Hili Venture Group (e.g.: Shareholders, directors and employees);

? €16 million to existing Bondholders of Hili Venture Group (i.e.: holders of 5.1% PTL Holdings 2024 and 6.8% Premier Capital Bonds 2017-2020)

The remaining €20 million will be offered to members of the general public.

Hili Properties Plc. (ISSUER)

Hili Properties Plc. is a public company and wholly owned subsidiary of Hili Venture Group representing the property division of the Hili Venture Group. As such, the issuer’s core business focuses on the purchase, acquisition, development, holding and management of properties and other movable assets on behalf of the parent Group. The issuer is primarily active within the commercial real estate sector and it mainly operates locally and in the Baltic region, holding properties and investments in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Malta.

Hili Venture Group (GROUP ENTITY)

Hili Venture Group is the parent and holding company of the Group. As such, Hili Venture Group controls and operates in different sectors such as properties and real estate, transport and logistics, restaurant franchising, e-business and IT solutions, and retail electronic franchising. The Group operates throughout distinct subsidiaries companies which include iSpot, PTL International Plc, Primer Logistics and Premier Capital.


Issuer: Hili Properties Plc

Aggregate amount: € 37,000,000

Coupon: 4.5% per annum

Face Value Denomination: € 100

Issue Price: € 100 (par)

Maturity: 16 October 2025

Interest payment date: 16 October 2016 and on the same day thereafter until maturity in 2025

Minimum Investment: € 2,000 and multiple of € 100 thereafter

The Company intends to use the net proceeds of the sale of the newly issued bonds as follows:

€19.54 million will be used to repay short term bank facilities used to purchase and refurbish a number of properties.

€6 million will partially finance the deposit payable on the acquisition of Harbour (APM) Investments Ltd.

€10.66 million will be used to either reduce the overall level of indebtedness of the Group, or to finance the acquisition and development of new properties as described in the Group’s Business Development Strategy.

Deadline for Submission of Applications

05 October 2015 – Deadline for Applications to be received from Hili Venture Group Preferred Applicants and Hili Venture Group Bondholders

09 October 2015 – Deadline for Applications received from members of the general public.

A copy of the Full Prospectus is available here.

For more information please contact us on 25 688 688 or [email protected].