Facebook is set to raise at least $5 billion in what will likely be the largest Silicon Valley IPO ever. The world's largest social network continues to command keen investor interest.

The roadshow for Facebook Inc's initial public offering is scheduled to start on Monday 7th May, meaning the company's shares should begin trading on May 18, a source familiar with the process said on Tuesday.

IPO roadshows, in which company management presents its strategy to prospective investors, typically last one to two weeks. If the roadshow goes particularly well, shares sometimes start trading a few days earlier.

Calamatta Cuschieri will be participating in the Facebook IPO.

Investors wishing to apply for Facebook shares at IPO stage can do so in the following ways.

• Apply online via CC WebTrader

• Download the application form available.

• Contact CC Offices on +356 25 688 688

• Send an email to [email protected]

Facebook IPO – Terms & Conditions.

1. The minimum subscription is USD 3,000

2. Investors should be aware that due to probable high demand on the Facebook IPO, allocation is not guaranteed.

3. Should investors not obtain an allocation, they will have the option to buy the shares on the secondary market on the first day of trading.

4. Should investors receive an allocation standard commission rates as per CC service schedule will apply.

investors should note that when investing in US Securities a W-8BEN Form should be completed. if this form has already been submitted within the last 3 years there is no need to re-submit this form.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.