Summer is here, and so are beach days, cocktails, new outfits, holidays, and all the fun expenses that come with it. But what if you could get paid to spend? With Moneybase and Mastercard, you literally will!

Earn €10 cashback everyweek with Moneybase Mastercard Summer Cashback promo

Moneybase has collaborated with Mastercard to make your summer spending more rewarding. From 8th of July till the 23rd of September 2024, every time you make transactions with your Moneybase Mastercard, you’re in for the best treat…money!

Here’s what you have to do

Make 5 or more transactions totalling €150 or more in a week, and you’ll get €10 cashback. That is €10 every week and up to €110 cashback throughout summer, just for spending like you’d usually do.

Here’s why you, your friends, colleagues and family will love Moneybase Mastercard Cashback Campaign

  • Simple and Easy: Just use your Moneybase Mastercard for everyday purchases totaling €150 or more in a week with at least 5 transactions. You can also add your virtual or physical card to your Apple or Google Wallet.
  • Weekly Rewards: Consistent cashback every week adds up quickly, and you can end Summer with a total of €110 extra across 11 weeks. 

So, whether you’re hitting the beach, shopping for a new summer wardrobe, or enjoying nights out with friends, make sure to use your Moneybase Mastercard. It’s your ticket to getting paid to spend this summer. 
Don’t have an account? Download the Moneybase app, create an account and start spending in minutes, and this summer remember, with Moneybase, it pays to pay! 

 Payment services are brought to you by Moneybase Limited (MB) C 87193 which is licensed by the MFSA to transact the business of a Financial Institution in terms of the Financial Institutions Act, Cap 376. Moneybase is a subsidiary of Calamatta Cuschieri Moneybase plc with registered address situated at Level 0, Ewropa Business Centre, Dun Karm Street, Birkirkara, BKR 9034, Malta. Moneybase is a program Manager with Mastercard, your Moneybase card is provided by Moorwand Ltd (FCA Reference No 900709), a Principal member of Mastercard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. 

Terms & Conditions

Campaign Rules of the Program (the “Rules”) for participating. The campaign starts on July 8th, 2024, and concludes on the last cashback date, which is September 23rd, 2024 (11 weeks after the first cashback date). The campaign may be extended into October, if this is the case, it will be announced at a later date. 


Card holder must spend a minimum of 150 Euros in a week across a minimum of 5 eligible transactions.

A rebate of 10 Euros will be paid at the end of the week. It will reach the card holder on Monday morning.


  • Offer is valid for Maltese residents only.
  • Offer is valid for online and contactless, chip and pin and tokenised transactions.
  • MoneyTransfers and ATM Withdrawals are not eligible.
  • A maximum of one reward per customer per week will be rebated.

Definitions – In these Rules:  

  • “Account” means the account of the Card (if any) opened in the name of the Issuer Cardholder 
  • “Agreement” means the agreement between Issuer Cardholder and its Issuer in respect of issuing the Card 
  • “BIN” means the bank identification number 
  • “Card” means any active Mastercard card (excluding Maestro and commercial cards), issued in the name of a natural person, bearing Mastercard Company’s brand and issued by an Issuer. The Card does not mean non-reloadable prepaid cards issued by a bank or other payment institution 
  • “Cashback” means a credit transaction which is available to Issuer Cardholder under this Program which the Issuer shall pay to the Issuer Cardholder in accordance with these Rules and the Agreement provided always that the relative budget set aside for the Program by the Mastercard Company from time to time has not yet been exhausted 
  • “Cross-border Merchant (e-commerce)” means any merchant with the registered seat outside or place of business Malta, with the processor of card payments being outside of Malta 
  • “Domestic Merchant” means any merchant with the registered address or place of business in Malta, with the processor of card payments being in Malta 
  • “Eligible Purchase” means any five or more purchases (e-commerce) totalling Euro 150 or more (if the applicable billing currency of the Card is Euro) or USD 150 or more (if the applicable billing currency of the Card is USD) within the same week (from midnight on Sunday to the following Sunday) online via the internet from/at a Cross-border Merchant (e-commerce) or a Domestic Merchant (e-commerce) with the use of the Card by respecting these Rules and the Agreement, which have to be cleared by not later than the Clearing Deadline. 
  • “in writing” means any written communications, including in the electronic form (such as e-mail messages).  
  • “Issuer” means the bank or other payment institution duly authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority  

Cardholders shall be entitled to a weekly Cashback of Ten Euros for Eligible Purchases made using the relative Card during the same calendar week (Sunday to Sunday). A maximum of one single Cashback per account per each calendar week is allowed. For avoidance of doubt, limitations regarding the purchase made by the Cards at the relevant merchants depend exclusively on each Issuer. Cashbacks shall be available in the case of purchases made at/from both Cross-border Merchants and Domestic Merchants. Transactions that will be excluded from the Program are the ones which belong to one of Merchant Category Codes listed below, and no Cashback shall be paid by the Issuer to an Issuer Cardholder accordingly:  

  • 4829 Quasi Cash – Money Transfer  
  • 6010 Financial Institutions–Manual Cash Disbursements  
  • 6011 Financial Institutions–Automated Cash Disbursements  
  • 6012 Quasi Cash – Financial Institution – Merchandise and Services  
  • 6050 Quasi Cash – Member Financial Institution  
  • 6051 MasterCard – Quasi Cash-Merchant  
  • 6529 Quasi Cash – Remote Stored Value Load  
  • 6530 Quasi Cash – Remote Stored Value Load  
  • 6531 Payment Service Provider  
  • 6532 Payment Transaction – Member  
  • 6533 Payment Transaction – Merchant  
  • 6534 Money Transfer – Customer Financial Institution  
  • 6535 Value Purchase – Member Financial Institution  
  • 6536 MoneySend – IntraCountry  
  • 6537 Moneysend – Intercountry  
  • 6538 Moneysend Funding  
  • 6540 POI (Point of Interaction) Funding Transactions (Excluding MoneySend)  
  • 7801 Internet gambling  
  • 7995 Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off- Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Track  
  • 9754 Quasi Cash – Gambling-Horse Racing, Dog Racing, State Lotteries 
  • ATM Withdrawals 
  • Moneybase to Moneybase Transfers 

The Cardholders to exercise the right of Cashback in accordance with this Program only once each calendar week irrespective of the number of Cards held by the Issuer Cardholder. Mastercard Company and Moneybase will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of any interaction between Domestic and/or Cross-border Merchant.  


The amount of EUR 10.00 as an individual reward per Card during each calendar week will be posted to Cardholder by Moneybase. The Program does not apply to purchases which are cleared after the Clearing Deadline. The eligibility criteria of minimum 5 online purchases for cumulative amount of Euro 150 or USD 150 is applicable per each calendar week separately.  

Suspension of rights to earn Cashback – Moneybase shall promptly suspend the Cardholder’s right to benefit from the Program and earn a Cashback in any of the following cases:  

  • Cardholder is in breach of the provisions of the card’s terms and condtions;  
  • Reversal of an Eligible Purchase 
  • The weekly cashback quota has been reached 
  • Any form of abuse is detected as reasonably determined by Moneybase 

The duration and terms and conditions of any such suspension, including the immediate termination as the case may be, shall be determined by Moneybase and communicated to the Issuer for further communication by the Issuer to the Issuer Cardholders accordingly.  

Termination of participation – Closing of Account or Card will be regarded as Cardholder desire to terminate his right to benefit from the participation in the Program. At any time during the Program, Mastercard Company is entitled to instruct moneybase to terminate any Cardholder’s right to benefit from the participation in the Program.  

Program Funding – Cashback funding is limited by the Program weekly budget of 500 cashbacks per week that spans over 11 weeks. In the event that more than 500 users satisfy the criteria within a given week, cashback will only be awarded to the first 500 users who meet the criteria. Users who fulfill the criteria after this threshold has been reached will not qualify for cashback for that particular week. 

Amendments and termination – Moneybase may make any amendments to these Rules at any time. Such amendments shall be posted on the Website ( The amendments shall come into effect immediately after posting the relevant information on the Website, unless specified differently on the Website.  

Moneybase reserves the right to terminate the Program if circumstances occur that Moneybase could not have known to occur or could not have foreseen, prevented, or eliminated, such as natural disasters, epidemics, civil unrest, war destruction, government acts from the influence on the fulfilment of obligations etc., and which circumstances directly or indirectly affect the financial market and the stability of currencies, i.e. the state of market exchange rates.  

Severability of provisions – If any provision of these Rules or any portion thereof is held illegal, invalid or unenforceable, then such provision shall be severed from these Rules and shall not affect the legal force and enforceability of any other provisions. These Rules shall supersede all prior agreements, announcements and representations in respect of the Program. If any details of the Program contradict or contravene these Rules, then the Rules shall prevail, unless stated otherwise. Failure of Mastercard Company to exercise any of its rights in accordance with these Rules shall not operate as its waiver from such rights.  

Applicable law and language – these Rules are made in English and governed by the laws of Malta.