CC Finance Group employees embarked on a ‘Spring Cleaning’ campaign over the last three months, whereby they were encouraged to give away unwanted or unused belongings that could be either used by a charity shop to garner more sales or could be given directly to people in need. Donations included toys, adult and children’s clothes, kitchen items, and furniture, amongst other things.

Over 25 bags of items were donated to St. Jeanne Antide over April and May.

Gabie Calamatta, Head of CSR at CC Finance Group said: “It is encouraging to see how many people were willing to undergo a spring-cleaning exercise, which has a threefold benefit. We get to declutter our homes of items we no longer need or use, we are helping out those in need directly or by way of generating funds through resale, while we are helping the environment by not throwing away items which can still be used.”

Although this initiative was held over springtime, the CSR function of CC will continue to pass on items to the charity, as well as ask employees for specific items an underprivileged family might need over the course of the year.

The St. Jeanne Antide Foundation (SJAF) is a registered social purpose non-profit organisation. It is the social care services arm of the Sisters of Charity of St Jeanne Antide Thouret. Its overarching aim is to provide professional support services to highly vulnerable individuals and families who are suffering due to very difficult life circumstances and those who are sliding into poverty and are socially excluded.

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