A group of employees from Calamatta Cuschieri and Moneybase recently showcased the company’s spirit of endurance and determination during their participation in the Corsa La Vallette races – participation that not only led to personal achievement but also underscored the company’s commitment to supporting its employees’ well-being and personal growth.  

Gabie Calamatta, Head of CSR at Calamatta Cuschieri, Moneybase said “Employee wellbeing is an important part of our corporate culture. In addition to providing Health Coverage, wellbeing and mental health programs, we consistently encourage our employees to work on their personal development. Beyond supporting professional development, we believe in the importance of creating incentives and supporting our team’s participation in such events. Our aim is to foster a culture that promotes health and wellbeing but also cultivates a resilient and motivated teams that are eager to achieve. These personal accomplishments not only highlight our employees’ personal stamina and determination but also help reinforce the collective spirit that drives our organisation,”  

Ms Calamatta also thanked Metropolis Pharma for contributing a donation of beauty products that were given out to all the company’s participating runners and the rest of the team who were present to cheer their colleagues at the finishing line.  

Calamatta Cuschieri and Moneybase form part of Malta’s largest independent financial services organisation which pioneered the local financial services industry as early as 1971. Today the company offers a wide range of services including Investment Advice, online investing and payments, wealth management and fund administration.