On the 14th October Hili Properties plc announced the allocation policy that will be applied for the issue of €37 Million 4.5% 2025 bonds. This allocation refers to the bond issue described in the prospectus dated 18th September 2015. Due to Heavy over-subscription applications closed shortly after opening on Wednesday 7th October 2015.

The allocation policy is as follows;

I. A total of €1,000,000 was reserved by Hili Ventures Group Preferred Applicants. Only two applications that amounted to €406,500 were not satisfied in full. This amount was carried over into the general public offer.

II. There were a total of 3,831 applications with a total value of €124,086,700 received for the total €16,000,000 reserved for the Hili Ventures Group Bondholders. Each applicant was guaranteed a minimum of €4,000. In addition to this each applicant received 1.153% on the remaining balance.

The excess amounts received for applications in I & II automatically participated in the General public offer as stated in the prospectus.

In addition to the excess amounts mentioned above, an additional 5,035 applications totalling €102,307,500 participated in the General public offer. The allocation policy for the general offer guarantees a minimum of €2,000 for each application with an additional 1.964% on the remaining balance.

The announcement also noted that any refunds will be affected by not later than 21 October and interest on the Bonds will start accruing from Friday 16 October. Meanwhile, the bonds will be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on Wednesday 21 October with trading expected to commence the following day.

For more information please call on 25 688 688 or [email protected].