The Board of Directors of Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (the “Issuer”) has announced the issuance of €50,000,000 3.75% unsecured subordinated bonds redeemable between 2026 – 2031 (the “Bonds”).

If you wish to apply for these bonds kindly follow the guidance at the bottom of this news item or contact us on +25 688 688 or [email protected] or via live chat on for more information.


The Bonds are expected to form an integral part of the Issuer’s capital plan with an aim to strengthen Bank of Valletta’s Tier 2 capital. The proceeds from the bond issue will be used by the Issuer to meet part of its general financing requirements.

For more detailed information on the use of proceeds, prospective investors are urged to read the Prospectus.


The Bonds will initially be offered for subscription to Preferred Applicants as follows:

i) holders of 4.25% Bank of Valletta p.l.c. notes 2019 series 2/2012, tranche 1 who held the said Bonds as at close of business on 2 May 2019 (last trading date being on 29 April 2019) and which were redeemed by the Issuer upon maturity on 17 May 2019;

ii) holders of 5.35% Bank of Valletta p.l.c. subordinated Bonds 2019 appearing on the Bond register as at 30 May 2019 (last trading date being on 28 May 2019) which shall be redeemed by the Issuer upon maturity on 15 June 2019;

iii) shareholders of the Issuer registered in the register of shareholders as at 30 May 2019, and

iv) employees appearing on the payroll of the Issuer or any of its subsidiaries as at 30 May 2019, including directors sitting on the board of the Issuer or any of its subsidiaries.

Any balance of Bonds not subscribed for by the Preferred Applicants shall be made available for subscription by the general public through an Intermediaries’ Offer. It is to be noted that the Intermediaries Offer will only take place in the event that the total value of applications received from the Preferred Applicants does not exceed €50,000,000.


Interested applicants are to register their interest by placing an order directly through the CC Trader platform, or by reaching out to your Financial Advisor or by contacting us on +356 25 688 688, via email on [email protected], or via live chat on Regulatory requirements and assessments have to be met satisfactorily prior to acceptance and execution of the order since these bonds are complex financial instruments and may not be suitable for all types of retail investors. A prospective investor should not invest in the bonds unless: (a) he/she has the necessary knowledge and experience to understand the risks relating to this type of financial instrument; (b) the bonds meet the investment objectives of the potential investor; and (c) the prospective investor is able to bear the investment and financial risks which result from investing in the bonds.

Whilst orders for Preferred Applicants will be accepted from the 17th June 2019 we strongly encourage you to contact us today! All orders must be submitted by not later than the 28th June 2019. The offer may close at an earlier date without prior notice in case of over-subscription.

Orders for the Intermediaries offer, if undertaken, shall open in early July with the exact date still to be determined.

Applications must be for a minimum value of €25,000 and in multiples of €100 thereafter.

A copy of the Prospectus is available HERE. Important Notes for Retail Clients regarding subordinated debt falling under the BRRD resolution regime can be accessed HERE.

Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Ltd is acting as Authorised Financial Intermediary for this bond issue.