The Accountant General is inviting holders of the maturing 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond (MGSB) – Issue 2018 (source Bond) to rollover all their holdings into a new 62+ Malta Government Savings Bonds – Issue 2023 (New Bond) with effect from the 19th of June 2023. 

Existing Bondholders of the 62+ MGSB – 2018 electing to roll over their holdings in the New Bond shall be allocated the new 62+ MGSB – Issue 2023 for the corresponding nominal value they held in the 62+ MGSB – Issue 2018. 

The new bond shall be issued with the same terms as the existing 62+ MGSB – Issue 2018 save for the interest rate which shall be 3.6% per annum fixed for the 5-Year term. A pre-printed Application Form showing the nominal amount held in the 62+ MGSB – 2018 is being sent by the Accountant General to all the holders of the 62+ MGSB – Issue 2018 whose names appeared on the register at the close of business of Friday 26th May 2023 (the cut-off date). 

Holders who wish to roll over their holdings should complete the Application Form and send it to the Registrar in the self-addressed envelope provided with the Application Form. Holders who do not wish to roll over their holdings need not do anything and will receive the whole redemption proceeds on the maturity date of the 19th of June 2023.