International Hotel Investments plc (“the Issuer”) has announced the issuance of €80,000,000 3.65% Unsecured Bonds 2031, having a nominal value of €100 per Bond which shall be issued and redeemable at par on 26 November 2031. 

A copy of the Summary is available here, Registration document here and Securities Notes here.

The proceeds from the Bond issue will be primarily used to finance the Group’s various projects, namely preparatory works for the Corinthia Oasis at the Hal-Ferh site and to carry out refurbishing works at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa and Corinthia St. George’s Bay, to refinance prior debt, as well as for general corporate funding purposes of the Group.   
If you wish to apply for these shares kindly follow the guidance below or contact us on +25 688 688 to speak to one of our qualified financial advisors or visit us in one of our branches at your convenience.  
Business overview 
The Issuer’s principal activities involve the ownership, development and operation of hotels, as well as residential and commercial real estate, while it holds various investments in subsidiary and associate companies, with the aim to further grow the Group’s business.  
The Issuer’s primary source of income is acquired through the operation of the hotels it owns, however, income and earnings are also derived from rental income of its residential and commercial premises located in St. Petersburg, Tripoli and Budapest, together with other additional revenue streams. 
Hotels it has either acquire or developed involve property located in the Czech Republic, Libya, Portugal, Hungary, the Russian Federation, as well as Malta, while it also holds a 50% stake in a luxury hotel in London and a hotel development in Brussels.   

How to apply 
Orders will be accepted from the 3rd of November 2021 and can be submitted through one of our Financial Advisors based in one of our four branches (Mosta, Sliema, B’kara and Fgura). 
Should you prefer to use our CCTrader platform, kindly follow the instructions below:    

  • Head over to the search bar at the top of your screen and input the instrument name 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 (see below for an explanation on which to select).  
  • Click on the Buy button on the window located at the bottom of your screen.  
  • Next, a New Order page will appear where you’ll find details of your order, as well as the trade value. Select the number of shares you would like to invest in.    
  • All you need to do is simply hit the Place Order button at the very bottom and you’re all set. 


  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 Exchange Offer (Form A) to be used for holders of the IHI maturing bonds (5.8% IHI 2021) who wish to exchange their Maturing bonds for new bonds. 
  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 Top Up (Form A) to be used for holders of the IHI Maturing Bonds (5.8% IHI 2021) who are exchanging their Maturing bonds for New Bonds and also wish to top up with more new bonds. 
  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 IHI Preferred (Form B) to be used for existing holders of eligible IHI Bonds who wish to apply for new Bonds as Preferred applicants. 
  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 Corinthia Preferred (Form C) to be used for existing holders of eligible Corinthia Bonds who wish to apply for new Bonds as Preferred applicants. 
  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 Employees (Form D) to be used for Corinthia Group Employees who wish to apply for New Bonds as Employees. 
  • 3.65% IHI Unsecured 2031 General (Form D) to be used for the General Public who do not have any bonds, are not employees and would like to buy the New Bonds. 

Below are the eligible IHI Bonds: 

  • 5.8% International Hotel Investments p.l.c. unsecured bonds 2023 (ISIN: MT0000111287), 
  • 6% International Hotel Investments p.l.c (formerly Island Hotels Group Holdings p.l.c.) unsecured bonds 2024 (ISIN: MT0000481227), 
  • 5.75% International Hotel Investments p.l.c. unsecured bonds 2025 (ISIN: MT0000111295), 
  • 4.0% International Hotel Investments p.l.c. unsecured bonds 2026 (ISIN: MT0000111311), 
  • 4.0% International Hotel Investment p.l.c. secured bonds 2026 (ISIN: MT0000111303)  

Below are the eligible Corinthia Bonds: 

  • 4.25% Corinthia Finance p.l.c. Unsecured Bonds 2026 (ISIN MT0000101262) 

Applications must be for a minimum of 2,000 and in multiples of 100. 

  • Holders of the Maturing Bonds will be receiving a pre-printed FORM A from the issuer 
  • Holders of the eligible IHI Bonds will be receiving a pre-printed FORM B from the issuer 
  • Holders of the Corinthia Bonds will be receiving a pre-printed FORM C from the issuer 
  • Corinthia Group Employees may obtain a blank Form D from their employer 
  • The General Public can obtain a blank Form D from our branches (which will be distributed next week) 

All certificated applications need to be accompanied by an original application form. Certificated holders of the Maturing bonds that are EXCHANGING and/or TOPPING UP must retain their applications as Certificated. 
All orders must be submitted by not later than the 26th of November @ 12:00hrs (Closing date). 
The offer may close at an earlier date without prior notice as a result of over-subscription. 
Non-nominee applications will be subject to a €25 fee. 


The value of the investment can down as well as up and past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Prospective investors wishing to subscribe for Bonds of the Issuer should do so on the basis of the Prospectus, including the Risk factors contained therein. 

An investment in the Bonds of the Issuer may not be suitable for all investors and prospective investors are urged to consult their Financial Advisor as to the suitability or otherwise of an investment in the Bonds. Prospective Investors making an execution only investment are advised that CCIS is not required to undertake an appropriateness assessment and investors do not benefit from the corresponding protection afforded under the conduct of business rules.  

This advert has been approved for issue by Calamatta Cuschieri Investment Services Limited, which is licensed to undertake investment services in Malta by the MFSA under the Investment Services Act, Cap 386. CCIS, Ewropa Business Centre, Triq Dun Karm, Birkirkara BKR 9034, Malta.