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We have been investing in the global markets since 1972. Our seasoned professionals assist you to build an investment portfolio which is backed by solid in-house research.

We invest directly in the markets and offer our clients access to a wide spectrum of assets such as Bonds, Shares, ETFs and Funds.

Why choose us

Investment Process

Our well-defined, transparent and robust investment process is what drives our bespoke service and acts as a strong yet flexible framework that enables us to work hand in hand with clients.    
Our financial planning team can help you make better decisions about your finances regardless of whether these are short or long-term, while they will actively manage your portfolio to ensure that it remains appropriate to your personal situation and objectives. At the same time, with your individual requirements at the very centre of decisions, our team will select the ideal investments that are set to generate real returns

  1. Initial Discussion

    Understanding your goals and needs is the first step to getting a clear picture of how we can assist you as best as we can.

  2. Data Gathering

    We gather all the necessary details that will help us understand your current position, identify any issues and ultimately, offer you a better alternative.

  3. Bespoke Advice

    We take your particular circumstances into consideration so that we can offer tailored advice backed by a written report setting out our recommendations.

  4. Implementation

    Following our suggestions, we proceed to carry out your medium to long-term strategy with the aim to produce the outcomes outlined.

  5. Review

    By implementing a robust and structured approach to monitoring and due diligence, we keep you up-to-date thanks to ongoing review.


Choosing the best performing funds can be challenging

We can help you select the best performing local and global funds to meet your goals. 

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Other Asset classes

Bonds & Fixed Income

We have the expertise and resources to provide you with access to fixed income investments.

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Equities, ETFs & ETCs

As Independent Financial advisors we can help you choose the top performing funds that meet your needs

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Gain access to a fully diversified and managed investment portfolio that is monitored daily by our Wealth Management specialists.

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