October has been a very good month for equities. Our favourite Euro Benchmark, the Euro Stoxx 50, has increased by over 4.5% this month alone. That represent one year performance for most other assets. More upside in the short-term willl depend on the earnings season that has just started. I would increase holdings during any dips. One has to keep in mind that volatility is unlikely to subside as the way to recovery is at best foggy.

A summary of the best performers this month from the stocks we cover.

ALV 6.2%

ADS 6.3%

BMW 2.7%

BNP 7.3%

DAL 8.1%

AAPL 9.0%

KR 5.9%

The above indicates that we are on the ball as stock picking is concerned and for those who have not yet shown confidence in our work… eeeh…whatever…

Just for the record the CC Equity Fund will be managed in line with our recommendations. We will be launching the fund shortly.

I have also been asked on several occasions regarding timing, when to enter the market and when to exit. Honest, I have no idea, short-term trading is not what I do best. What I usually do is enter with a small allocation and increase gradually. My objective is always the long-term and I feel lost giving trading tips.