Moneybase users can now receive their salary, pension or stipend directly on their Moneybase account and earn a €50 welcome bonus with the first income. Customers can choose to have their income deposited directly to their Moneybase account, at no cost. 

Moneybase has made it easy for users to make the switch, which can be executed by following the prompts on the app itself. Alternatively, customers may instruct their employer, college or relevant entity to issue payments to their Moneybase IBAN.  

Customers are invited to contact Moneybase’s customer support team via live chat or on +35625 688 688 once their first income is received to claim their €50 welcome bonus, which will be credited to the user’s account. 

All Maltese residents are eligible for the welcome bonus upon receiving their salary, pension or stipend. Customers also have the option to switch just a portion of their salaries to Moneybase. 

Moneybase has also recently launched the Moneybase Rewards scheme, which is offering regular prize draws and other incentives such as cashback rewards. The main prize this year is a trip for two to Dubai with accommodation at Atlantis, the Palm, the winner of which will be announced in January 2023. 

Alan Cuschieri, CEO of Moneybase said, “We are continuously developing the Moneybase platform and working closely with the community to develop innovative solutions the help people manage their finances conveniently. Watch out for our new Joint Accounts feature, coming soon, which will really help couples in particular to manage their money more easily.” 

Moneybase is a next-generation financial platform that provides investments and payments in a single ecosystem. Moneybase customers save when using the Moneybase card due to its multicurrency capabilities and the platform’s competitive FX rates. 

A free Mastercard can be ordered from the app, which is available for download on iOS and Android. Both physical and virtual Moneybase Mastercards come with security features such as viewing PIN, freezing and unfreezing cards, and switching on or off various transaction types, which can be controlled through the user’s mobile phone. 

Customers can also send and receive money through their IBAN and make instant person-to-person payments to other Moneybase users, as well as make both domestic and international bank transfers. With Moneybase Invest, users can invest locally on the Malta Stock Exchange, where they can view the live order book, or tap into international markets with over 20,000 stocks, bonds, funds and ETFs through our award-winning platform. The platform also offers fractional shares and extended hours trading, which provides an extra 9.5 hours of US market access. 

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