Calamatta Cuschieri brings you the UBS Equity Fund – Tech Opportunity USD, a fund that invests selectively worldwide, mainly in equities and other equity shares of technology companies.

The focus lies on companies benefiting more than others from the development, processing, services and distribution of technology products or technology improvements and advances.

The term “technology” refers to the traditional areas of information technology, such as electronic devices and application programs (hardware and software) and the associated services, but could also include specialised fields and technologies, including internet retail/services, telecommunications/cable and media.

Working on the basis of well-grounded analyses by UBS investment specialists worldwide, the fund manager combines carefully selected equities of various companies from various countries and segments of the sector with the objective of exploiting interesting earnings opportunities while keeping the level of risk under control.

This fund has generated a return of 9.38% per annum on a 5-year annualised basis (from 31/12/2013 to 31/12/2018). The total return in this five-year period was 56.58%. The data source is Bloomberg, accessed on 09/01/2019.

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